Arousr Review: Pros, Cons, Pricing and Features

Arousr Review: Pros, Cons, Pricing and Features

Arousr allows its user easy access to adult oriented content including pictures, articles, stories and videos for a monthly subscription fee. Arousr users get unlimited downloads so they can continue to enjoy the content at their own discretion rather than purchasing individual products from online retailers or catalogs. The Arousr site is compatible with any iOS or Android device.

Arousr is a sexting website that caters to people looking for one-on-one relationships. The company’s goal is to create a long-term stable and sustainable business through online dating, social media marketing tool, and an exciting product that allows users to connect with real live girls in person or via video chatting. Arousr currently has three available niche categories including bisexuals, exhibitionists, swingers (also known as freaks), those who enjoy dressing up like characters from popular movies/TV shows/websites (also known on as cosplayers), submissive females, dominant women, expert bottoms (sometimes called doms), women into cuckolding and more.

  • There are a lot of females on the site
  • Customer support is rapid.
  • It’s simple to use.
  • When you join up, you get 100 free credits.
  • It would be better if there were more difference in the materials.
  • For iPhone users, there isn’t an app.
  • You must purchase tokens.
  • Only their Chat Hosts can communicate with them.

Review of Arousr – After Using It For More Than 1 Week

Joining process: To join, simply input your phone number and a four-digit PIN provided to you over the phone. After entering the mobile PIN, you’ll be brought to a members’ area where you may view all of the user profiles (Chat Hosts).

First Glance: after logging in, you will see a welcome message “Welcome to arousr, pick a girl and text her”, you will have to option to select any girl from homepage but remember initially you will get only 100 credits to use as free member.

Pages: You will see 7 pages as: LIVENOW, ROULETTE, ADULT CHAT, PHONE SEX, SEX CHAT, SEXTING AND LASTLY VIDEO SEX CHAT. Each section has its own level of enjoyment. what else you need to spend your night with? haha, really arousr has all the package you need from phone sex call to Video sexting. lets explore each of the pages one by one.

When you will login to your arousr account you will be in the LIVENOW section where you can see all the Top and NEW Modals waiting for you. you can text them, call, or you can start a video call the thing is it has some limitations over video calls and phone sex call you cant just randomly call anobody if you dont have enough credit like i do. Haha

But yes, you can do free sexting as long as you have some credits. Here are some pointers for freebie users:

  1. You you will 100 credit to try

What is Arousr Roulette?

Roulette, like Chatroulette and Arousr Roulette, takes its cues from popular video roulette sites such as Chatroulette. Roulettes with random partners are paired directly with real live chat hosts who are eager to connect. Users may stay within the platform in a one-on-one chatroom, and all sessions are audio/video on both sides without the need to type into a chat box. 5 free video roulette chats per day for members and Premium Members get 10. Each free session is 30 seconds long, with the choice to extend the conversation by paying for each minute. Models may login and log out at any moment to be matched up with other internet users on Arousr Roulette. As part of its launch promotion, models will receive 80% of processing fees until if they reach a total of $1 million in earnings on Arousr Roulette.

What You Can Do in Arouser Adult Chat?

Arousr’s Adult chat also gives you the personal touch. There is no cat-fishing here. On the other hand, there is a real person on the other end of the line (or cam or text) who is going through what you’re going through. Many of the modals have their own blogs, so you may trust that when they claim to be interested in something, they are. Bots are not used because a genuine connection is always better. Even if it’s only for a moment, both of you will have a wonderful memory of your encounter.

Arousr Sexting -How you can do Sexting in Arousr?

It’s just not sexy to be concerned about your sext conversation being leaked. That is why Arousr is revolutionizing their sexting game. If you’ve Googled for a free discussion forum (I’m looking at you, Kik), you know that most aren’t designed with discretion in mind. So, in Arousr Minors are permitted to mislead about their age and whether or not they reside in the area. It’s simple to submit a photo they discovered on the internet, implying that you might be catfooled or worse, drawn into a legal dispute but Arousr is safe. by the way if you are looking for free sexting sites, we have written a good review where we have listed top 20 best free sexting sites around the globe.

Conclusion – Is it Worth to Use Or Not?

Arousr is one of the most popular texting services on the market today. The user interface and appearance are extremely easy to use. They’re always ready to assist and have a lot of fun resolving problems and issues. Make a free account with Arousr as your cell phone texting platform now.