B-Gay is a gay news and entertainment site which has always offered a chat room

B-Gay is a gay news and entertainment site which has always offered a chat room

ChatHour is a texted based chat site with rooms on many different topics. Guests can access the chat but those who create free memberships are granted more features.

Buzzen is a chat site which seems to have added a social media platform around its users. First and foremost this is a chat site that offers rooms on a wide variety of topics.

EverywhereChat is a chat site that offers anyone the ability to create a room of their own that they can then put on a website or have show up within the list of rooms created on Everywherechat.

Lycos chat is one of the few parts of the Lycos «empire» which still exist. The room has no specific topic but seems to have a moderator on hand at all times to keep it a fun and friendly place.

This is a general chat site for chatters in the United States of America. There are quite a few unique modifications and add ons which members can pay a fee for to gain vip access.

ICQ-Chat is a chat site that allows easy access to IRC channels which the ICQ application made popular. The ICQ app is geared towards one on one communication with friends but the ICQ-Chat website is a portal to the chat rooms which are harder to locate within the application.

ChatiW is a one on one chat room but unlike other one on one chat platforms you are not randomly matched with people to talk with. Here you can search by location can open private chats with the people you choose.

ChatIB is pretty much the same site as ChatIW but has a different interface and different vip (paid) privileges. It is a one on one chat.

ChatForFree is an old chat site that has remained popular over the years. They offer two different chat rooms here. One uses an outdated (Flash) version of the FlashComs chat software and the other is the HTML build of the 123FlashComs chat room software. Both rooms allow webcam access to chatters of all ages.

While they do no use a software package with a tun of features there are always men here looking to talk.

ChristianChat is a chat room integrated with a live radio broadcast. Everyone in the room can participate in the live audio chat or type their thoughts and comments in the chat room itself.

ChatBzaar has recently undergone a total transformation. We are unsure if it is now a portal to another social media site or if the community remains intact but has a different interface. Either way, if you register (for free) you’ll have access to a semi popular chat room.

Buzz50 is a great social network for chatters over the age of 50. profile the once Here you can create a profile and make great connections with a friendly group of seniors.

Room titles include teen chat, singles chat, gay chat, adult chat and more

pChat uses a php chat script which is relatively simple but that has not stopped chatters from flocking to its rooms.

JustChat is a UK based chat site which has a loyal following that are willing to pay a very small fee for access to a friendly place to chat. They have found that charging a nominal fee keeps trolls away and makes for a better chat environment.

Each room can have multiple webcams streaming at once

ChatFriends has between 50 and 100 chatters in it at any given time. This chat is for English speaking chatters from England, Canada the US or India but the site seems to be developed by someone who’s first language is something other than English.