Finding people that also like music is easy as we all love music just different styles

Finding people that also like music is easy as we all love music just different styles

Robot Seb: If you’re having trouble with chat in PM, odds are it’s not your setting but might be the other person’s settings as many have it set to «friends only»

If you’re having trouble in the main chatrooms, try clearing your cache and restarting the browser. If that doesn’t help try a different browser and hopefully that one will work.

Robot Seb: Hello again Jake! I’m Seb, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I checked out your profile to make sure everything is working properly which it is but I noticed a few things and can offer some tips on how to fix the situation. Hopefully it will help by giving you some ideas.

— Interaction with people that have similar interests is always a good thing! The more you interact with people that enjoy the same things as you do, the more people will respond back to you. I noticed you like music and to write songs which is a great form of self expression!

— Feel free to visit our music chatroom by clicking here: Chatroom: Music and you can discuss anything and everything related to music! You can find music sites all over the internet and as a musician, those are the ones you’ll enjoy most while interacting with others!

Typical, u know

— We also have a music forum located here: Topic: Music where you’re welcome to share your favorite songs on youtube by copying the youtube «Share» link and posting it to your threads. You can also post the songs you wrote which others can see and reply to if they are into that style of music!

— Profile settings & blogs are an important aspect in how many people can see your content! Instead of posting the lyrics to your blogs as the blogs are really small buttons and often hard to spot, you can post the lyrics directly to your homepage feed which will appear instantly when anyone views your page! The page setting also is set to friends-only but if you have it set to public so anyone can view it, more people will see your posts and the chances are better that you’ll get replies!

— Be proactive and take initiative! If you like something, click the thumbs up and post a comment saying you liked it which always leads to more interaction with others that also like the same stuff!

It’s a community built by the users, for the users. All that’s needed is a passion you’d like to share and Wire provides the platform to share it with everyone else.

Robot Seb: You came to the right place in that sense as Wireclub was created for everyone to share what interests we all have while interacting with those that e stuff

Robot Seb: I do! Out of all the places Ive been to on the internet, this has always been the most friendly and most addicting place considering other similar sites like it. Rather than fancy buttons or tons of features which other sites focus on, Wire’s focus has always been about the people so you’re definitely in the right spot!

Of course there are a few mean people like every site has but even the mean people here are still a lot more chill compared to many other places.

NeverFearDarkness: Yeah I know what your talking about there man totally. I was on this one online Forum and they really ate my butt up big time. They ran me down to the ground and constantly flamed me. I got insulted, mistreated, disrespected, You name it really. That just don’t go for the internet either FYI, boy. BIG TIME. Every so often you run across an average Joe having a bad day, it happens when you don’t expect it. Not too long ago a guy got the idea that I screwed him out of some money. Just a bad business deal, All because of his hot-headed additude. Just remember not to let people walk all over you and always handle things in a proper and professional manner.