Hence Dickinson reputation would you relate genuinely to the quintessential?

Hence Dickinson reputation would you relate genuinely to the quintessential?

MBTI®, Hogwarts Family sorting tests, zodiac signs, «level yourself» and you will «what’s my temper» memes: there are various fun and insightful means for all those so you can identify its characters, together with Enneagram is the one more pleasurable treatment for carry out so it. The fresh Enneagram Brand of Identification find which of the 9 categories (and you may about three subcategories: looks, instinct; head, analysis; cardio, emotions) some one fit in to, predicated on its strategies, behaviors, beliefs, characters, motivations, fears/wants, and much more.

The new enneagram should be applicable in order to letters during the tv, videos, books, comics, video games, or any other ways channels some one relate to and provides a method enthusiasts in order to interact with a common heroes and you can love-to-hate, hate-to-like villains, comparable to in Fruit Television sets biography-dramedy Dickinson.

9 Enneagram Particular step 1: Mrs. Dickinson

Called «The fresh Perfectionist,» Form of 1’s play from the guidelines, maintain tradition and you may doing things proper, as well as have high requirements. They are responsible, exacting, and you will very large-installed. Additionally, he is outline-depending, hard-working, and have serious attention and quantity whenever finishing a job. Their greatest fear will be named a good «bad people» and you will one thing sub-standard, which results in the brand new securely sure, self-disciplined character he has.

Mrs. Dickinson, within her regard to possess public and you will social organizations, her intentional and difficult become a spouse and you may mother, and you can awareness of outline (specifically into the tea parties during the season 2) tends to make the woman the best Sort of step 1.

8 Enneagram Form of dos: George Gould

«The fresh Giver,» these people are wanting to end up being adored, appreciated, and you can expected of the those around them. They type on their own towards the man’s lifetime as the a skill and feature of support, and it’s also nurturing and you will taking care of the individuals it surround themselves that have, establishing the value in how they can be around for other individuals, in addition they anxiety becoming unloved and you will undesired. He has got an enjoying laugh and you will vision, is actually approachable, partners to those they care about, consequently they are diligent someone.

George Gould try a type 2 through and through, as he helps and you can prompts Emily’s poetry profession despite nineteenth-100 years America’s strict sex jobs, tries to look out for this lady when she aims the assistance off Henry David Thoreau, and you can remains their friend immediately following she scorns his intimate advances.

eight Enneagram Style of step 3: Samuel Bowles

Labeled as «The newest Achiever,» zero reputation off Dickinson is much more suitable for this identification particular. Threes matter on their own with being successful, celebrated, and you can admired. It obsess over their societal image in order to get to. He is pretty sure, career-and-goal-driven, and you may bold. It search recognition and you will self-really worth courtesy time and energy and you can accomplishments. Additionally, he could be concerned with social niceties, will always be busy, is charismatic, and a processed liking towards the finer one thing in daily life, and just have an anxiety about failure and of being thought to be worthless.

Sam Bowles, editor-in-captain of Amherst (MA) newspaper, ‘s the poster boy for this type of: he’s going to perform exactly what he need to to be the brand new best paper about MA plus the world, try modern toward amount of time in his guide of women, and you will possess his show of activities and you will public gatherings in which he can show from.

six Enneagram Type cuatro: Emily Dickinson

So it design character is actually «The latest Individualist» and you may, as a result, is defined by its sense of individuality, distinction, and being unique from other some one. These are the imaginative style of and attempt to lay themselves aside with techniques out-of neighborhood, society, business, and you will tradition. Fours ateo relaciónrse is actually hyper-alert to its personality and you will unusualness and you may miss strong emotional relationship, however, afraid they will certainly miss out because of it. They make up because of the amplifying what makes her or him odd assured one they will certainly see the market.