I like how this entire reply section somehow didn’t even begin until like 8 years after the original comment

I like how this entire reply section somehow didn’t even begin until like 8 years after the original comment

But Now I’m Sad, For No Good Cause I’ve Made My Highs, I Made My Falls My Drummer Knew How To Foo Fight I Look Like A Bum But It’s Alright

And the first reply was from a guy going by a username that references a movie that’s 6 years older than even that (Hackers). Good movie though. Totally a tech-gen classic.

Hello, My Name Is Kurt Cobain All Of My Songs, Drive Teens Insane Before I Died, I Made The Plunge Married A Bitch, And Founded Grunge

I’m Cobain Man, Runnin’ My Band Play Left-Handed, Mind Is Stranded Lost https://www.hookupdate.net/es/bisexual-dating-es/ In My Head, My Blood Ain’t Red ‘Cause I Bleached It, With Acid & Lead I Feel Stupid, Guess That’s Okay By Nirvana, Instead Of Green Day

I’m Feelin’ Sad All Of The Time I’m Rich & Famous In My Prime Nevermind Went Straight To Number 1 One More Album, And Then I’m Done

I Hate My Life, I Don’t Know Why I Hate Everything, I Wanna Die My Wife Is Such, A Gold Digger Grab A Shotgun, PULL THE TRIGGER

ok first ZeroCoolCrashOverRyd this ISN’T a sell out this is how he was feeling after he got dumped and wrote from his heart and soul, so please tell me how writing from your heart and soul (which is how they did all the songs) is a sell out?

second waitingtornever go fck yourself people have depression and bipolar and shit if it’s not taken care of you can have a bad episode and kill yourself (a psychologist diagnosed me with both) and when you have depression like he did it’s a happy then bam kill and whatever can get rid of the pain

yeah you are so right, this is the most famous, not the greatest. i agree with kurt. the song thats about people who listen to music they dont understand became just one of those songs. ironic.

i love the fact that kurt sometimes changed the lyrics when he sang this live to prove that no one really bothered to really listen to it.

yup. nirvana didn’t really like the song. they thought it sounded too much like THE PIXIES(the band)..its a good song but but there are much better and meaningfull songs other than this like-DUMB,SERVE THE SERVANTS,SOMETHING IN THE WAY,DIVE,POLY. ETC..

General Commenti think this song is about fitting in in school, and what kurt thought about it, see,where it says «Load up on guns bring your friends It’s fun to lose and to pretend She’s over bored and self assured Oh no, I know a dirty word»

he’s talking about all the crazy thing’s kids do to fit in with the rest of society (which is why i am anti-government and anti-society. and atheist, it’s my opinion, rant about it all you please, it’s a choice just as Hinduism, Judaism, and christianity to beleive in one’s self to be the higher being in their life and to not rely on another being to solve their problems) anyways, and when he say’s

«I’m worse at what I do best And for this gift I feel blessed Our little group has always been And always will until the end»

I LOVE KURT COBAIN he wrote from his heart and soul did whatever he had to for his music and I think he was murdered R

«And I forget just why I taste Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile I found it hard, it was to find Oh well, whatever, nevermind»