John spoke regarding his father undoubtedly, remembering his love for his homeland out-of Scotland

John spoke regarding his father undoubtedly, remembering his love for his homeland out-of Scotland

They are dating John Marston has had before and you may in the situations regarding Red Dead Redemption and you can Yellow Lifeless Redemption 2.


However his dad passed away whenever John was only 7 ages old and since regarding the John likely didn’t have an extremely good connection with him, though John do apparently a little mourn their demise and you will recalls their passage so you’re able to Bonnie MacFarlane that have a somber tone.

Abigail Marston

John and you may Abigail shared a sexual relationships hence lead to this new birth of their child, Jack. Seemingly initially the two didn’t get along at all. Per year shortly after Jack was born, John disappeared with the both Abigail and his awesome newborn kid to have a keen whole year. If you find yourself Abigail at some point abandoned the lady life to be good prostitute and you can made an effort to alive a far greater existence immediately after Jack came into this world, John battled to manage so it newfound sense of obligations, which often stimulated of numerous objections between the two. While the several always arrived to argument it nonetheless cared regarding both deep down. Within the 1899, just like the Dutch slowly became crazy and the gang fell aside, which have reassurance off Arthur Morgan, John selected Abigail along with his son across the breaking down group and you can fled with them.

For many years, John struggled to live on a much life. It wasn’t until Abigail leftover your along with his guy in 1907 that John understood how much he previously loved him or her and began in order to really worth your family life they may have. John finally became his life doing and you will situated a ranch having their household members, effective Abigail’s passion once again and you may partnered their shortly after years.

By the 1911, John and you may Abigail’s relationship had increased somewhat, commonly discussing lighthearted banter having a rejuvenate desire which they would have the ability to direct greatest existence for both by themselves as well as their son. Tragically, John would compromise themselves during the Government’s violence with the Beecher’s Hope, giving time for Abigail and Jack to escape safely, and having his finally redemption towards the passion for their family members.


Jack Marston

A year after Jack came into this world, John gone away to the one another Abigail along with his infant boy for a keen entire seasons. This is mostly on account of their second thoughts out-of Jack it really is becoming his and not wanting a household existence to start with. Inside the later teenage many years, Jack manage keep in mind how frequently John try absent in his young people, something John do later arrived at regret. When you are John battled becoming a significant dad through the his lives regarding gang, he’d afterwards get-off brand new gang existence for the 1899 in order to add a much better lifetime to have his loved ones. To your gang lifetime now behind your, John carry out try to spend more day with his child. If you are Jack was a great deal more into the literary works and training instead of brand new gunslinger outdoors-people his dad is actually, the two remained able to thread and John performed that which you he could to provide Jack a regular life. John can be seen knowledge Jack learning to make a keen arrowhead early towards, and soon after towards the, he is viewed playing knights having Jack it is rudely interrupted from the Micah.

Inside the Jack’s adolescent many years, he’d make an effort to just imitate also attract his father, also placing his existence in danger as he attempted to search a keep on his own, in the event he failed to can look. John create spirits his kid next event and you can reminded him which he wasn’t likely to be missing in the lifetime any more. Tragically, John was murdered in the 1911 and you can Jack won’t just mourn their loss and also relocate to avenge his dying decades later on, showing how much cash Jack got appreciated his dad.