Sucker features set an emphasis on many individuals, that is merely irksome on a personal phone.

Sucker features set an emphasis on many individuals, that is merely irksome on a personal phone.

Need to need to get a guest profile but don’t need a vibrant blue cellphone owner star reminding me personally i possibly could be someone otherwise.

I’ve impaired including a visitor within the fasten display (really a sensible traditional?!), and I’ve signed in as invitees, pulled down and engaged «Pull customer». But back in our regular account we however see the guest levels symbol as soon as I down the ultimate club and then click the green individual things.

Can there be ways to entirely immobilize the invitees have?

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Alter: first of all, make sure you go through the response in this article. It provides a less strenuous solution and it’s tested with Android os 7.1.1.

Some individuals have reported the after solution did not work for droid Marshmallow and previously mentioned. Which might be extremely since I have evaluated this with droid Lollipop and worked effectively onto it.

Yes and No! maybe or maybe not upon the way you require to use this answer.

We nonetheless your visitor levels star when I pull-down the most notable bar and click the green cellphone owner things.

You don’t have to run that far by entirely disabling the invitees owner in order to prevent that visitor profile famous once you pull-down the most notable club and then click your very own member profile looks. All you’ve achieve is definitely pull other users from setup > owners and change the value of a key.

The secret is guest_user_enabled under-the-table global located at /data/data/ . This website is associated with Settings space app. The newest worth might possibly be 1 ) Change it to 0 making use of adb by using the order:

Variations should occur immediately, or else, only restart the device.

Currently, when you would touch their account looks within the greatest pub you’d probably see the visibility get in touch with (if currently produced) or a toast mentioning «The contact does not are present». That famous won’t reveal so long as you do not build any more customers.

Notice: As took note above, it is vital to eliminate all the other users since the thought method won’t act as lengthy as any supplementary consumer object into the process.

The aforesaid technique merely relates to the pain in the neck that icon would be to some White Sites dating service individuals. It Does Not minimize the important owner (manager) to modify or build unique individual from Setup > Individuals.

What happens if I’m happy with using one particular customer (myself) and do not need to see that owner for the setting?

That could require core access. You will find gadgets in advertising Android os One which are actually managing Android Lollipop so far do not own multi-user functionality. They ended up which [multi-user] have was impaired (the attribute is handicapped using framework just as mentioned here) [can end up being allowed] making use of very few posts in acquire.prop . You could incorporate that technique for our personal feature?

Mask People from Options

  1. Mount a file manager with basic explorer ability or an acquire support manager application.
  2. The place of acquire.prop was /system/build.prop . Exposed the document, attend the ending, setup a whole new series and go inside fw.show_multiuserui=0 .
  3. Reboot the product.

Check-out Settings and you would realize that Users entryway lacks. As a side-effect, the actual result in very first point for example. the removing of the invitees symbol can protected by this solution.

The favorable character is while guest/secondary user is actually nowhere located which you’ll want to move to making use of GUI, you can easily continue to use that multi-user attribute. adb layer am switch-user USER_ID can turn anyone conveniently provided that you realize the USER_ID belonging to the guest/secondary cellphone owner which you yourself can get from /data/system/users/ .

On the other hand, adb case pm create-user USER_NAME can make a brand new cellphone owner way too. All excellent right here.

What happens if I don’t desire to own the product used by an alternative owner whatsoever? I would not wish multi-user usability my personal equipment?

That can be done. As a result of Android Os One Method.