The new Jonah-Amy Matchmaking (labeled as Simmosa to a few) was a love ranging from Jonah Simms and you may Amy Sosa

The new Jonah-Amy Matchmaking (labeled as Simmosa to a few) was a love ranging from Jonah Simms and you may Amy Sosa


  • step 1 Year You to
  • 2 Seasons One or two
  • step 3 Year Three
  • 4 12 months Four
  • 5 Seasons Five
  • 6 Year Half dozen

12 months One

For the Airplane pilot, Jonah cannot realize Amy are a worker in the store and appears a little while high-given when providing plan out index. As he do realize Amy was their employer whenever Cheyenne Lee desires some slack, he feels ashamed and you will attempts to apologize so you’re able to Amy, just next leading to trouble. Sooner or later, he decides to plaster shine-in-the-ebony stars all around the threshold, causing Amy to get dazed and you may shocked in the event the lighting wade from together with glow reveals.

For the Mag Reputation, the brand new publisher to your Stratus Magazine, Cynthia, is meant to interviews Glenn Sturgis, but finds your thoroughly dull. Jonah actually starts to raise up the fresh new and you will modern info, saying that they’re Glenn’s to keep Glenn’s hide, but Cynthia looks extremely shopping for Jonah. Amy comments later one Cynthia only wants Jonah’s info because he is cute. Jonah are shocked and you may asks Amy in the event that she thinks which he was lovely, and you will she rapidly recovers. Later, Dina Fox reveals a recording out of Jonah and you can Cynthia passionately kissing about inventory room, and you will Amy the most common individuals who tends to make enjoyable of Jonah.

Within the Mannequin, Amy, Mateo Liwanag, as well as other employees see an effective mannequin that looks a whole lot such Jonah. They start to put the mannequin for the embarrassing situations, and you can Jonah is attempting hard not to have an outburst. Instead, he y, although just one he is able to come across try a gender model, that triggers colleagues to recoil and you will back away within the disgust and you will worry.

Inside the Shoplifter, Amy brings the lady daughter, Emma Dubanowski to the office dishonestly. She covers Emma within the Jewellery Stop very no one observes the lady. But Glenn and Dina consult Amy’s service, and she actually is gone getting a very long time. When she efficiency, Emma and you may Jonah try to experience games, and you may she seems pleased about precisely how well he’s together.

Inside Secret Consumer, Amy feels you to Jonah is a while trapped-up-and braggadocios just after acing the latest worker test. When Amy moves bags away from charcoal into deck, Jonah remarks they are in reality allowed to be about Buying Part and you will actions her or him. Amy thinks one Jonah is unreasonable and means he account with the platform along side intercom. Jonah will get on the other side line together with several get into a strong disagreement, end with Amy screaming suggest names towards the intercom and knocking they down, conclude the fresh rant. Afterwards, Jonah strolls on the inventory space in order to apologize. Amy will be sullen and you may uncooperative, but each other beginning to let out as they drive the latest forklift, and later make up.

In the Color Wars, Jonah attempts to promote a costly barbecue grill to a buyers, that is indeed Adam Dubanowski, Amy’s lover. When Amy relates to encourage Adam that cash is too rigorous to possess a merchandising spree, Jonah rapidly slides from the area while the Amy and Adam beginning to argue.

Inside Work, Jonah and you can Amy discuss Unionizing regarding Inventory Space. Amy seems opposed to the concept, and she and you may Jonah start to increase the sounds, nevertheless when they know Cheyenne is actually pregnancy so you’re able to Harmonica Thompson, they divert their attention so you can Cheyenne’s contractions and hustle away. Whenever Glenn finds out Affect nine is simply too cost effective to give the staff Maternity Exit, he offers Cheyenne nearly an identical matter- Days away from paid down suspension. This causes Glenn to obtain fired, with the chagrin of several staff. Amy and you may Jonah lead a come out to support Glenn and you can rights to own pros, irate within shooting.