This led to the idea of Zoisite that have an unrequited like to own Endymion getting attractive to fans

This led to the idea of Zoisite that have an unrequited like to own Endymion getting attractive to fans

On French dub of one’s cartoon, one another Luna and you will Artemis had been female after they basic seemed, which suggested which they were lesbians. However, Artemis are after described as a male inside the next attacks.

Men Homosexuality

As the show’s protagonists and antagonists was in fact generally girls, especially in the fresh new later on facts arcs, numerous people had been showed since the gay in the collection, much more on comic strip continuity than simply somewhere else.


Listed below are letters which have a gay intimate orientation that has been clarified during the a minumum of one particular the brand new series’ canon.

Kunzite and you may Zoisite

These two Shitennou was showed since homosexual people throughout the anime, and it was said in passage during the audio Sailor Moonlight — Gaiden Ebony Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen (though it are remaining unknown in the later musicals). Zoisite are shown once the younger, more kids of one’s couple in a lot of of his steps the guy did to own their chief and you may lover Kunzite. Both spent some time working with her to the multiple times and Zoisite made use of the suffix «sama» (?), good suffix which implies great admiration, when discussing Kunzite. Whenever Zoisite are murdered, Kunzite granted your his past wanna «so you can perish perfectly» and you can encircled your which have plant life; the guy in addition to kept a huge grudge facing Worst Prince Endymion which he held accountable getting Zoisite’s dying. When Kunzite passed away, he named out proceed this site Zoisite’s name. not, brand new manga did not introduce the 2 within light, therefore the Material Range describes their matchmaking to be far more that way out of brothers.


In the anime, Fisheye was displayed in much the same to help you Zoisite (because the a keen effeminate gay child), and also in facts was probably far more effeminate than just Zoisite. Fisheye was not from inside the a constant dating as well as the category out-of Sailor Moon SuperS try drawn to numerous guys, also Mamoru Chiba; the guy together with is a normal get across-wardrobe and you will aren’t pretended as a female to help you attempt to notice this type of guys. One exception to this rule to that was at the new episode 140, when he dressed up since the a man whenever pursing Yoshiki Usui, implying one to Usui are publicly homosexual himself. Regarding manga, however, Fisheye had a much reduced part, like a monster-of-the-go out, in which he attempted to entice Ami as an element of the newest Deceased Moon’s plans.

Enthusiast Cannon

Is conjecture one of fans regarding the you’ll homosexual/bisexual positioning certainly letters, compliment of problem and you may innuendo, that’s have a tendency to detailed when you look at the enthusiast canon.


Fiore’s dependence on Mamoru Chiba on the Sailor Moon Roentgen flick features contributed many admirers in conclusion you to Fiore try gay. Ami Mizuno advised you to definitely Mamoru are popular with males in resource compared to that regarding Roentgen flick, and therefore added additional ladies to jokingly phone call the girl kinky. not, it can be possible that the newest alien was just enthusiastic about Mamoru, when he are the only real pal Fiore you can expect to ever remember with.

Alive Action Zoisite

From the alive-action series, Zoisite is actually demonstrated as actually protective of Prince Endymion on the section from fixation. He planned to break up Endymion and you will Comfort, just who he failed to trust. Simultaneously, their centering on out-of Sailor Venus on the lady date because decoy princess, and his later collaborative take to together to-break up Usagi and Mamoru features contributed certain fans to indicate the 2 was attracted to each other.

Yoshiki Usui and his Assistant

Given that has been said, in the episode 140 Fisheye pursued the newest affections from men (Yoshiki Usui) instead dealing with your when you look at the pull. This might mean that Usui is openly homosexual (or at least understood or assumed to-be gay from the Fisheye) and his awesome occupation, trends construction, can often be stereotypically illustrated from inside the fictional as being a career possibilities attractive to gay people. Discover specific implication you to their assistant are his spouse, or perhaps end up being interested in him, since Fisheye’s treatments was the cause of a couple of in order to line, in addition to a couple of made at the conclusion of the fresh occurrence after Fisheye remaining. Including, on the English dub the latest secretary are identified as Yoshiki Usui’s brother; which changes might have been told you by the admirers become reminiscent of the change from Haruka and Michiru’s link to that cousins in the same dub.